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I'd like to highlight my services: what are my options?
I'd like to highlight my services: what are my options?

What visibility can Skinobs offer you to highlight your testing or consulting services?

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As a key player in cosmetics testing, Skinobs offers testing and consulting providers many ways to highlight their services to evaluation and R&D managers around the world.

Our offers can be adapted according to the needs of the service provider through multiple communication channels. We offer partnerships that include multiple highlighting options that allow providers to gain unique multi-channel visibility.

Highlighting through the testing platform

The platform is a unique networking space for the industry that allows evaluation managers from around the world to search for testing services based on 12 search filters, and contact providers directly.

Make your services visible on the platform

The easiest way to benefit from permanent and passive digital visibility in the eyes of the 7000 users of the platform is to reference your company and its services on it.

It is free to remain present on the platform, a real showcase for more than 300 CROs who benefit from a unique visibility in the eyes of evaluation managers around the world.

To list your expertise on the platform, fill out this form or contact us directly at [email protected]. Once your referencing has been validated in collaboration with our team, we will assign you the "Validated referencing" badge which will highlight your services.

💡 Good to know: The referencing is about testing services, but also about consulting services. Thus, if you are an independent consultant or offer consulting with your testing services, it is possible to make these services visible on the platform.

Stand out from the crowd by showcasing your services

Once your services are referenced and visible through the platform, stand out from your competitors by highlighting your services and your company through the various partnerships.

The visibility of the "Initial" partnership

The first level of promotion is unlocked with the so-called "Initial" partnership, which offers your services an increased ranking and visibility compared to those of other service providers.

You get the grey star badge "Skinobs Support" which places you above other providers from the filter by providers, search results, as well as the provider directory.

Your logo becomes visible on your service provider identity sheet and the service providers directory. We make your e-mail address, phone number and website visible from your service provider identity sheet.

To learn more about the highlighting options of the initial partnership, contact us at [email protected].

The visibility of "Premium" partnerships

The maximum level of promotion across the platforms is the "Premium" highlighting, included in the Premium, Optimal and Platinium partnership offers.

You get the blue "Skinobs Partner" star badge which puts you at the top of the list, above the providers who have an initial spotlight, from the filter by provider, the search results, and the directory of providers.

Your logo is placed on the "partner zones", on the homepage of the Skinobs website, the homepage of the platform, but also from the Cosmetics Testing News.

It is also present at the very top of users' search results page as long as at least one of your services matches their search criteria.

To learn more about the highlighting options of the Premium, Optimal and Platinium partnerships, contact us at [email protected].

💡 Good to know: Partnerships offer unique visibility by allowing you to benefit from Skinobs' multi-channel communication. The platform is one of these channels, but there are other promotion options included in the Initial, Premium, Optimal and Platinum offers.

However, it is entirely possible to choose a partnership with custom options, catering to more specific visibility needs.

Highlighting through Skinobs publications

Skinobs offers a wide range of publications, which are highly regarded by evaluation managers around the world. This is a good opportunity for service providers to publish an article to highlight their testing expertise.

Publish in the Cosmetics Testing News

A unique news feed dedicated to trends and innovations in the preclinical and clinical testing sector for the cosmetics industry, the articles of the Cosmetics Testing News are very popular with their 8000 average monthly reads.

Publish in the ZOOM

Skinobs' ZOOM is a great opportunity to highlight an innovation or expertise in the eyes of readers who are experts in the field.

It is very much appreciated, because it allows its readers to quickly have an overview of testing solutions for a particular subject through a multitude of short articles.

Published and distributed online to our contact base on platforms and Cosmetics Testing News, it is also printed and distributed at the shows where Skinobs is present.

Publish in FOCUS

The FOCUS allows you to go into detail about your expertise on a given test subject. In the form of a panel discussion between test experts, it offers its readers an in-depth view of innovative solutions around a particular topic.

Published and distributed exclusively online, it benefits from all the promotion through Skinobs' communication channels (Cosmetics Testing News, e-mailing, platform, etc.).

Spotlight through the events of Skinobs

Skinobs participates in many international events as a central player in cosmetics testing, taking advantage of its reputation to highlight the stands of partner service providers.

in-cosmetics Global X Skinobs: the Boost your Test zone

In collaboration with in-cosmetics, Skinobs has been hosting the "Boost Your Test" zone for 5 consecutive years, an area reserved and dedicated to testing expertise for the cosmetics industry.

The Boost Your Test zone has high visibility and is an annual meeting place for all international evaluation managers who are looking for new test providers for their cosmetic products and ingredients.

Skinobs allows exhibitors in this area to benefit from its communication (press releases, Cosmetics Testing News, e-mailing, etc.) and its legitimacy as a major player in connecting with test providers.

Following the show, we offer a webinar to summarize the expertise shared at the show and at the stand, where you will be able to present your services during an online conference shared with our contacts. We are also taking care of the communication and organization of this webinar, in collaboration with in-cosmetics.

Interested in exhibiting in the Boost Your Test zone at the next edition of in-cosmetics Global? Contact us at [email protected]!

We Are Testing: A collaborative booth by Skinobs, at international trade fairs

Skinobs also offers a shared booth concept at the most successful international trade fairs for cosmetics testing players.

We Are Testing allows you to delegate to us the organization of your stand, but also the communication around your presence.

Following the show, we offer a webinar to summarize the expertise shared at the show and at the stand, where you will be able to present your services during an online conference shared with our contacts. We also take care of the communication and organization of this webinar.

Interested in exhibiting at the We Are Testing booth? Contact us at [email protected]!

Cosmetotest: Testing Symposium co-organized by Skinobs

Organized by Skinobs and COSMET'IN LYON, in partnership with DIIP, Cosmetotest allows cosmeticians from all over the world to attend academic and applied conferences and interact with attendees, meet test partners, exhibitors, CROs or instrumentation manufacturers and participate in device and instrumentation demonstrations.

250 participants, 46 speakers and 30 exhibitors contributed to the success of the first edition of Cosmetotest, on May 24 and 25, 2022, unanimously recognized by specialists in the profession for its quality and excellent level of technological and scientific expertise.

Give a talk about your expertise

Speak to attendees during a short conference during which you will be able to present your services and the innovations of your business.

Take a stand

You will then be able to give demonstrations, or go deeper with interested visitors directly to your stand, during the very appreciated times dedicated to the exchange between visitors and exhibitors.

Discover the program and exhibitors of the next edition of Cosmetotest:

Host a webinar on your expertise

We propose to organize a webinar to present a test expertise. We take care of the communication and organization, ensuring that you expose your services to visitors interested in the subject.

Interested in a webinar, or for any other highlight? Contact us in [email protected] or make an appointment directly with our team! Make an appointment with our sales team!

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